02.09.2020 - 14:54

In implementation of activity 7 Identification of initiatives for exchange of experience and good practices - conferences, round tables, study visits, workshops, discussions, etc. of the project Integrated Trainings for the Administration in Institutions, working on the Labour Market and in the Social Sphere , funded by the Operational Program Human Resources Development (2014-2020) was prepared the Concept for identifying the parameters of initiatives in the labor market and social sphere. Based on the questionnaire developed for it, during the period April-June this year. 12 interviews were conducted in the framework of pre-arranged meetings with representatives of institutions and organizations who expressed a desire to participate in the identification. The subject of the interviews were employees of managerial and expert positions from the specialized administration on the labor market and the social sphere.

The report, summarizing the results of the interviews, outlined the main priority areas facing the institutions and organizations in the labor market and the social sphere. For 2019, the following directions for conducting initiatives were outlined:

In the field of the labor market:

  • New moments in the NAPE 2020 and the priorities of the Employment Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria for its new period of operation

​In the social sphere:

  • Exchange of experience and good practices for regulation of the activities of Health Mediators;
  • Exchange of experience between the institutions for work under the Mechanism for coverage and inclusion in the educational system of children and students.

The preferred formats are: expert meetings, discussion meetings and round tables.

In organizing the initiatives, CHRDRI relies on the expertise and support of the institutions that have identified the above areas as priorities in their work.

For the next calendar year it is planned to carry out three more initiatives - one in the field of the labor market and two initiatives in the social sphere.