14.01.2024 - 15:57

As of 01.01.2024, the Centre for Human Resource Development and Regional Initiatives (CHRDRI) has adopted new Rules of Procedure in compliance with the amendments of the Employment Promotion Act (promulgated SG, issue 82 of 29.09.2023, in force as of 01.01.2024).

The amendments will support the full implementation in the extended scope of employment policies and the improvement of the professional qualification of unemployed persons registered at the labor offices, as well as the provision of accessible training services to more people through the Regional Directorates in the cities of Pleven, Pazardzhik, Smolyan, Stara Zagora and Burgas. This is possible through the merger of the State Enterprise Bulgarian-German Center for Vocational Training into the structure of CHRDRI.

At the same time CHRDRI continues to conduct trainings for employees of the administration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MLSP) and the Secondary Spending Units (SLUs) to the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, as well as to certify digital competences in the capacity of a Single Certification Center.

The changes in the Rules affect the organizational units of CHRDRI. The general administration is organized into Administrative, Financial and Economic Activities Directorate and the specialized administration covers the Educational-methodological and international activities Directorate and the five Regional Directorates in the abovementioned towns.

The changes undertaken so far will increase the efficiency of the work of CHRDRI by optimizing the processes and expanding the portfolio of services that the Center provides. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of the services provided by the Center related to vocational training for qualification and retraining, as well as to the upgrading of the professional competences of the employees of the state administration of the MLSP.