13.06.2024 - 13:19

From 10.06.2024, the Center for Human Resources Development and Regional Initiatives – Pleven Regional Directorate launches a new course in the specialty "Manicure, pedicure and prosthetic nails". 9 participants were enrolled in it and they will have the opportunity to acquire a second degree of professional qualification in this increasingly relevant and sought-after field.

The course program covers a wide range of knowledge necessary for realization in this professional field. The general professional training will include acquaintance with health and safety at work, the basics of economics and entrepreneurship. The sectoral training will focus on the organizational requirements in the labor process, ethical norms in social relations, communication in a foreign language, marketing and advertising. And the specific training will cover themes such as biological, anatomical and physiological knowledge of the skin and nails, pathologies, allergies and diseases related to them. Future specialists will be trained in the provision of services such as manicure, pedicure, prosthetic nails and its maintenance, the course also includes lectures and demonstrations of colors and decorations, as well as the use of various tools and preparations. The training will last 83 days and includes 660 hours, of which 136 hours will be theoretical and 524 hours will be practical training. The training methods are tailored to the age of the participants.

The course is part of the National Employment Action Plan and is intended for unemployed persons registered with the labor offices. Graduates will be able to realize themselves in beauty salons, separate workstations in retail outlets, and will also have the opportunity to offer their services at the homes of customers. The course ends with passing a state exam in the theory and practice of the profession, after which the participants receive a Certificate of Professional Qualification, in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

The training is in accordance with the state educational standard for acquiring a degree in the profession - Manicure, pedicure and nail art. CHRDRI has qualified teachers and fully equipped classrooms for theoretical and practical training. The professional practice is carried out in a real working environment, provided by the Regional Directorate Pleven of the CHRDRI.

The team of the Regional Directorate Pleven at CHRDRI is glad that it can offer this opportunity for professional development once again, which over the past few years has led to the opening of its own manicure salons in the city of Pleven and other regions of the country.