23.08.2019 - 10:41

Within the framework of project  Integrated Trainings for the Administration in Institutions, working on  the Labour Market and in the Social Sphere of OP HRD 2014-2020, software updating and upgrading of CHRDRI's web-based digital information and communication products got underway. They all have important functions in the preparation and conducting of the learning process.

Currently, the Centre has six digital products, which are summarized below.

The external website http://www.chrdri.net/ provides up-to-date information in two languages ​​on training initiatives, access to promotional materials and a convenient link to other digital products of the Centre.

The innovations to the external website, within the update, are related to upgraded features that allow visitors to search for keyword material throughout the content of the site, as well as a link between the various parts of the site so that users can find easily related content.

The visualization of banners, linking to other digital products, has been further modified.


The Distance Learning Platform http://www.pdo.chrdri.net/ is a proven tool for conducting distance learning and offers very simple navigation for use with multimedia tools such as a built-in audio and video player and an interactive environment.

The Platform has updated codes, which improves its normal functioning.


The Lecturer's Club http://www.lecturerclub.com/ is an innovative digital product that successfully generates a methodological resource for the CHRDRI by sharing experiences and good practices on various topics for which the lecturers can discuss, provide guidance or recommendations. The main conclusions and suggestions of these discussions are taken into account and integrated into the teaching and methodological approaches, and their practical orientation is of great benefit for the work of the Centre’s team.

The software update completely changed the product visually, in addition, opportunities were developed for exhibiting an electronic business card to members, accompanied by their photos, as well as an additional section to publish lecturer tips on improving the quality of the training process.


The digital product SmartNet http://www.smartnetbg.net/ is a network of graduates from the CHRDRI, which engages the attention of participants on topics for which they are interested and maintains their contacts even after the training process is completed.

Smartnet's software changes are a completely redesigned in vision that is much more systematic and enables users to navigate faster, as well as built-in buttons for direct connection to other digital products of the Centre. The ability to individually present profiles to registered users is enhanced.


The e-library http://www.e-libraryeu.com/ is a digital product entirely aimed at assisting participants in training through the publication of thematic materials relevant to the issues discussed during the training sessions.

The online library underwent a dramatic visual change and became part of the external website. Further developed functionality is the search for titles by keyword, which will greatly facilitate the users to find the necessary electronic material from the common array.

The online library is freely available without requiring special registration. Each user has the opportunity to search the information he needs without restrictions.


The Centre's internal website is an indispensable and convenient tool for organizing and coordinating all units involved in conducting trainings / initiatives. It contains information arrays that give access to databases of forthcoming and completed trainings, CVs of lecturers, telephone directories, etc., while also playing the role of an internal information portal for the activity of activities on conducting current trainings and initiatives.

The software update provided a much better organization of the site and the integration of additional buttons to store the internal documentation of the Centre.

Digital products were last updated in 2015 and, given the evolving information and communication technologies, their periodic updates are required. Without updating and upgrading, product software cannot work effectively. The purpose of the software update is to maximize user satisfaction with functional and user-friendly training products.

Digital products make a significant contribution to educational work. They are not isolated from each other, but function in a complex and parallel way, supporting the preparation and conduction of the training in each stage. It is important to emphasize that after the update, they will also be able to be used on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets.