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Agreement between International Training Centre of International Labour Organization (ITC of ILO) and Centre for Human Resource development and Regional Initiatives (CHRDRI)

The Agreement between ITC of ILO and CHRDRI signed on 19th February, 2015 which is currently implementing, has continued the successful practice of Institutional Capacity Building of MLSP and Support to the MLSP for Human Resource Development of the SEE countries projects. The Agreement has a significant contribution to enhancing the knowledge and abilities of employees in public administration who are in charge of developing and applying social policies.

In the period February 2015 – June 2017 under the Agreement have been conducted 120 trainings (workshops, vocational trainings for the administration, initiatives for exchange of experience and good practices etc.) in which were trained 2 183 employees on managerial and expert positions from the administration working in social sphere (this includes MLSP and second spending budget units to the minister of labour and social policy).

All trainings have been subjects on evaluations, based on the ROIT (Return of Investments in Training) methodology. The methodology measures participants’ satisfaction with the training program, the level of improvement of their knowledge and skills, the changes behaviors on their workplace and the degree of relevance of the increased knowledge and skills in day-to-day work.

The overall average assessment of the trainings on ROIT methodology is high (4.53 out of max. 5) and the knowledge transfer amounts 26,49%.

Over the past two years as a result of the Agreement's activities, the Centre has strengthened its position as a recognizable regional structure for exchanging experience and good practice. The initiatives organized and conducted in the CHRDRI contributed to establishing long-term partnerships and contacts with various international, European and foreign administrations.

The Agreement will continue to implement its objectives and through the next calendar year.