Business card

27.04.2016 - 14:42

The Centre for Human Resources Development and Regional Initiatives is an integral part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria. It provides opportunities for training and development of Bulgarian and foreign officials of the central and local administrations, working in the  social policies area, of representatives of our social partners, municipalities, and NGOs. Another trend of operation is the implementation of an active policy for improving  qualification and promoting employment, especially among vulnerable groups on the labour market. The Centre is prepared to allocate resources in support to international and regional initiatives for cooperation, exchange of experience, information and good practices. The Centre is located in the Gradishteto area in the southern part of Balkan mountain range above the Kremikovtzi living quarters. Its location creates prerequisites for a high-quality and focused learning process taking place amidst the beauty of nature .


Our team comprises motivated experts, consistently working and focused to offering a range of up-to-date training programmes, providing consultations, organizing discussions and surveys, and applying latest information technologies. Our work is fully oriented towards meeting our clients' needs.


Centre for Human Resources Development and Regional Initiatives - CHRDRI

Location: Sofia 1849, Kremikovtzi